Shepherd Huts

Shepherds hut holidays are a form of 'glamping' (glamorous camping). One step up from camping; cheaper than renting a cottage. This is our first build. It has now got a second lease of life as Jon's writing studio. Below is the story of it's creation...


June - July 2011 A work in progress!.... completed August 2011

We bought this wagon from a local auction. It was built to be pulled along by a traction engine. We did want
to buy a bow top gypsy wagon but it sold for £6000 so we bought this for £500 instead. We got the bay window off my brother, it's built to go in a house. The cladding is tongue and groove and the door is from Howdens.

Wood burning stove to be installed in the sheperds hut, from another brother. This is the cat which reduced me to a gasping wreck. For getting on for two months, I was as able bodied as superman in kryptonite lycra. Having discovered it was the cat, and not some nasty infection, we kicked him out of the house and advertised for his removal. Emma ran the advert: Husband allergic to lovely cat; one of  them has to go! And yet he's still here and follows me around. I was working in the shepherds hut and he wouldn't to away. So I got him out and closed the bottom half of the stable door but he jumped over the top. So I got him out and closed the top, a couple of minutes later he came through the window. I tried to shoo him away and he climbed in the stove. I think he's taken it personally.

UPDATE: The cat has now been adopted by a lovely local family with children similar age to ours and plenty of laps to sit on. Hurray!