We are a family run small holding of 25 acres near Halwill Junction. The farm is made up of 12 small fields. Much of the land is species rich Culm grassland which we are managing with the help of the Devon Wildlife Trust and Natural England. We have 3 young heavy horses, who are in training to help work the land; in the less wet months we have a small flock of sheep and various pigs; chickens and ducks live in the orchard and 2 dogs! A local farmer friend runs his cattle on our land as low stocking of cows on our grassland allows the wild flowers to thrive.

As a Care Farm we offer opportunities for marginalised adults to participate in rural activities on the farm: caring for the animals, basic horticulture and farm maintenance projects. All the tasks are a meaningful part of the overall life of our farm and they change with the seasons. Our horses are a big part of our lives. We are learning as they learn to take on the logging, field and riding on the farm. We really prefer them to working with tractors and find the slower pace and relationship they offer make you engage with your environment which is good for everyone.

We hope you find this site useful, we've included information about all aspects of our ongoing journey. Why not view our activities, browse our gallery, or find out what the family are up to. Alternatively, please contact us to arrange a visit.

Emma and Jon Middleton

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